• The Drive never Ends

      The call to create is neverending. It's hard to describe but it's a pervasive feeling. Time spent away from the study just knaws at every bit of my being. My loved ones can tell as I grow more and more agitated with everyone and everything around me. It did feel great to take a real break from it all. Usually during the holiday season many of us "creatives" struggle with the mad rush to promote and sell our wares to anyone that shows a slight interest. I shut it all off, with no promotions or social media for the entire month. It felt great to unplug and take the pressure off myself to a change.  This way I could refresh, regroup and get ready for the next level I'm ready to achieve through my artwork.  

      As soon as I stepped into the studio, I could feel the ease and sense of being exactly where I needed to be in life.   So I begin again, refreshed and ready for the next set of hurdles I will set for myself. 

    Cheers to you and a fantastic 2020!


  • Healing power of the Arts

    Is this the beginning of utilizing art as another avenue to help aid recovery for patients.  I've long wondered why many hospitals, and even doctor's offices, are sparsely decorated and even bland to the eye.  How the long term patient or even the quick sick call could be an overall better experience with some visual art on the walls.  This article link covers a broad range of artistic options that doctors in Britain are considering be it visual, music or dance!

    Healing and the Arts Link

  • Dumb as a fox...

    Unlock your potential. Never stop learning.  Someone said, "Don't let your education get in the way of your learning."  I'm thinking Mark Twain   Even as I type up this blog entry I'm overlooking my notes for a painting class I'm currently involved with. A friend of mine was amazed that I would even need a class. I may have gotten this far with just passion and an unwillingness to give up, but one has to realize his limitations and be proactive in one's hunt for the life they wish to create for themselves. I love Art and I want my own version of it to be the best it can be.
  • Boston Bound

    I'm proud to announce that my sculpture will be making their Boston debut this May at the Fountain Street Gallery!  I will be showcasing a set of works alongside my fellow artists Danielle Robbins and Barbara Trachtenberg.
  • Perseverence

    I'm back and ready to give this blog some new life!  Who knew raising a little boy would be so fun and time-consuming! I wouldn't change a thing. It has slowed down my process in the studio but just yesterday I was blessed with a random online purchase of my work and it once again shows that slow and steady is this life long race.  I will continue to create until my last breath and I'll enjoy every second that this ride of life has to offer!
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