• Never Stop Painting

    Stumbled upon this fantastic article about this 90-year-old artist transforming her town into her own showcase gallery. 

    Here is the link Grandma

  • Perseverance

        As I step back to my computer and try to focus my efforts once again, the term perseverance screamed to me from some unknown source.   I know, like for many of us, that this journey of life will come with many roller coaster rides of events and emotions, some totally unforeseeable. That being said these are the times that we cannot give up, we may put our efforts on the back burner so to speak, but the real winners will tackle each setback and continue their push towards their goals.  

       The birth of our child has been a  totally unforeseeable change in all that encompasses our lives.   My favorite quote on the subject has been  "Let it change you",  this I have done and have found a pleasant equilibrium in all of this.  My studio time hasn't found this equilibrium yet, but I'll never quit none the less. 

  • Give Back

    I am fortunate enough to be in a profession where I get to help people in need.  Firefighting has given me this opportunity to face death with compassion and humility. Imagine how this world would be if each of us, from time to time, took a moment and did something for someone other than thy own self.  I get that it can't be EVERY day, we all have our own day to day struggles to deal with.  But a moment of caring can change someone's life and have a rippling effect in this world of ours.   Let's help leave it a better one than we where given.   

  • For my Love of Food.

    My artistic life does not simply end in the studio.  It's in the kitchen. I don't try to keep is simple, flavorful and plentiful.  This is the only cooking show I will give praise to, Almazan Kitchen on youtube. Rustic cooking, over a fire, outdoors with simple ingredients. They even make pasta outdoors! From Scratch!  Check it out!
  • GOOD

    I heard this today and it gave me chills!  New art is at a snail's pace at the moment. Thankfully it's for the right reasons.  Mainly the birth of my son and I've been fortunate with a few commissioned works that are stretching my limits creatively. But this truly set fuel to the fire that is always raging within myself to keeps moving forward in any capacity. Enjoy...

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