• Turning 40

     So it's been about a month. My birthday is on December 30th and this past one I turned the big 40.  It's funny how much one thinks he knows of the world at our early stages of adulthood when in reality I feel like this age is the beginning of actually understanding my place during this point in history.   I've made many a mistake but at least I can stand on my own two feet, proof that one can change the path of one's life with sheer determination and a little hard work. 

       At this age and only now am I understanding the true meaning of fatherhood. I wouldn't change the path I've taken for anything in this world. One look into my son's eyes and it all makes sense now. This is was the path I was meant to follow. This journey has sent me abroad during my military career. I had a rather eventful and interesting few years after that. A little lost and trying to find my way, until the fire service began and it began a new path of redemption and servitude. 

      Then I discovered my purpose. My desire to create once again came calling and the beginning of my Artistic discovery began.   It's has tested my grit and determination and I'm in wonder as to where it will take me for this is a life-long desire that will never subside. 

      Lastly, as I try to appreciate every day as best I can.  I have to take a moment and remember those that have touched my life in so many ways. Past family members, friends, and associates that have forever last their lasting marks on my own life. Tonight's glass of Bourbon will be dedicated to every single one of them.


  • Life Lessons


       So much has been going on in my life lately. I have my issues just like every single one of us.  Thing is some of us just find ways to handle them better and move on to the next hurdle.  Easier said than done, especially for me, a positive attitude on life will take you places you can only imagine.  Here is a little clip of one of my favorites and pioneer to the motivational movement.  Attitude.

  • How to buy your first piece of Art.

    Tip #1  Go look at ART! It's simple to look around and get a feel for what you like.

    Tip #2  Will it fit in the space you intend it for. 

    Tip #3  Realize your Budget.

    Tip #4  Do you want this piece out of pure "love" or are you looking for an                            investment. 

         If the investment is the case then you'll need to a little research into, the specific artist and their impact in the art world. Talk with galleries and make sure you have a complete path from Artist to Owner in the form of receipts, proof of authenticity and any additional paperwork which will make a future sale of the piece easier to verify with this documentation.

    Lastly, BUY from a local ARTIST if you can! Help support living artists!!



  • The Drive never Ends

      The call to create is neverending. It's hard to describe but it's a pervasive feeling. Time spent away from the study just knaws at every bit of my being. My loved ones can tell as I grow more and more agitated with everyone and everything around me. It did feel great to take a real break from it all. Usually during the holiday season many of us "creatives" struggle with the mad rush to promote and sell our wares to anyone that shows a slight interest. I shut it all off, with no promotions or social media for the entire month. It felt great to unplug and take the pressure off myself to a change.  This way I could refresh, regroup and get ready for the next level I'm ready to achieve through my artwork.  

      As soon as I stepped into the studio, I could feel the ease and sense of being exactly where I needed to be in life.   So I begin again, refreshed and ready for the next set of hurdles I will set for myself. 

    Cheers to you and a fantastic 2020!


  • Healing power of the Arts

    Is this the beginning of utilizing art as another avenue to help aid recovery for patients.  I've long wondered why many hospitals, and even doctor's offices, are sparsely decorated and even bland to the eye.  How the long term patient or even the quick sick call could be an overall better experience with some visual art on the walls.  This article link covers a broad range of artistic options that doctors in Britain are considering be it visual, music or dance!

    Healing and the Arts Link

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