• NFT's

    Listen, it's 2022 the world is still dealing with Covid and I'm just trying to create in the real world and now this whole new digital world of art and "NFT's" have hit the scene and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it all. Oh how fun the future is going to be. Scary, but fun!  Check out the NFT link for my first one up for sale. I've also added another link to what NFT's or Non Fungible Tokens are.



  • Simple rules to live by!

    Let me introduce you to "The Four Agreements" by Manuel Ruiz.  This small yet powerful book has helped so many people including myself.  Even the book will admit that the process of following these rules takes time and even to this day I wall pause and catch myself making an assumption and totally taking it to an uneccessary level. The taking thing personally part is rather difficult to say the least. The trick is everyone else is their own little universe.  The things that they say or do are not always directly meant for us in any way shape or form.  We've all felt personal attacks before but if you where to shine the light of truth over the matter, many of us would realize we where totally wrong from the start.  

    I suggest this book for anyone looking for a simple beginner step to a better overall outlook on this crazy life of ours. 


  • Gratitude

        This morning I had to take second, as I watched my son walk shirtless and barefooted down the driveway to get our mail.  Right then and there the immense feeling of gratitude came over me. At the very moment all the stresses and worries of this life simply faded away.  As difficult as things may seem, every bit of it is worth it. 

      I'm eternally grateful for this quirky little family of mine. I can remember a time, not that long ago, where I was alone longing for something meaningful in my life. I was content with my career and more than happy with the freedom that single life offers. All of that means nothing when you come home to an empty house or when you have to attend a holiday gathering and things just don't feel the way they should be.  

       The flip side is the constant comparison of our lives with those we admire. It's been said that comparison is the "Thief of Joy" and I fully understand this. Even today I catch myself daydreaming and wondering what if.   One has to remember that in the pursuit of dreams and goals to take a step back and reflect and simply be grateful for the things in your life that YOU DO HAVE.  

    There are many out there who view your life as a dream come true. So just be grateful today and try and stretch that feeling out for the tomorrows to come. 

    Here is a great link to a Psychology Today article on Gratitude.

  • The need for the D...... Vitamin D that is.

        Why is the conversation about health and simple steps towards healthy living not discussed when it comes to COVID. It seems like this dialogue is immediately shut down and the push for vaccinations continues.  Has the world become so misguided that all we want are pills and treatments regardless of their efficacy and side effects.

       Nutrition and exercise have proven effects on the overall health and well-being of an individual.  To quote Hippocrates; "Let Food be they Medicine"  Mankind has know this for years. Medicine does have it's place, but when greed enters the equation we all know where that leads.

       Thus the topic at hand, Vitamin D.  Not just a mere byproduct of sunshine but some scientists believe that this act more like a regulating hormone in the human body versus a simple vitamin.  Dr. Rhoda Patrick discusses this on the Joe Rogan Experience.  

      Sunshine will always be the best way to keep your Vitamin D levels at necessary levels but let's be honest. Not all of us get to work and live outdoors as much as the recommended levels would necessitate. So just take a supplement and try to get outside while your still breathing and the sun is still shining.

    Gotta Go, 



  • For the Love of Dogs

    This blog post is easy!  We got our new puppy this week! All you dog lovers get it. The millions of kisses, the little waggly tail and the puppy breath. Oh how the energy changes when a new puppy is introduced. We have named him, Odin, perfect name for a 20lb puppy at 8 weeks old. We're expecting him to reach anywhere from 125 -150lbs. His introduction will only add to the joy of watching him grow up with our 3 year old.  We do have another dog, Blu, who is 5 years old and 110lbs, and Odin will be a great match in size to run around the yard and play with.  Even dogs need a friend or two. 

       What started with with 2 people coming together has now grown to a household of 5.  The love of dogs is unmatched. All they ask is for your love and they will give you 110% of themselves. From their greetings at the door to their empathetic ways when you just need to cry. You even sleep better when  you know your dog is on guard duty.  

    In my eyes, every home should have a dog. 

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