• For the Joy of Video Games

    Video games. I've loved them ever since I could play on my mother's ATARI system. Yes I said my mother's ATARI system.  I get my work ethic from my father but my fun side is from my mother.  The early games where so simple, games like Pitfall and Galaga amazed everyone. I've seen the evolution of consoles from the first Playstation to the latest X-Box. 

       Video Game addiction, I've had that too, with an desktop online world, City of Heroes, but the same can be said for the millions playing games like Fortnite and Call of Duty.  I beat that one simply because I don't have the time anymore.  Video games during that era where an escape from the reality I was in at the moment. Once I landed a solid career and found my way back to art that I realized they had their place but only as a reward for putting in the work needed. 

       Today's video game time consists of a spare hour here or there where I can finish one level or achieve some task needed in the progression of the storyline. Games like Assassin's Creed, which is my favorite, and Red Dead Redemption are what fill the video game kid void that will never leave.  Once in awhile you just need to unwind and act like a kid again. This is just my way. 


    I've found a few interesting ted talks on the subject as well an article in Psychology Today. Let me hear your thoughts. 

    Ted Talks          Psychology Today 

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