• How to buy your first piece of Art

    So, you want to buy some artwork? This may sound difficult but in reality, it doesn't really have to be. By far the easiest way is to simply stroll into a gallery and purchase something you like. Easy enough, but there are alternatives. Don't get me wrong galleries are great and they can help guide you through what exactly you could be looking for. They are a business none the less and even though they support the artist, they do require their share of the profit. Business is business. 

       Maybe you follow a local artist and can't seem to find their work anywhere. Believe it or not, you can simply contact the artist directly. Be it social media, email or even giving them a call. Any professional artist should have some presence with the outside world.  Even though most of us would simply love to shy away into our studios. We need to reach out and sell our works. Sales only further our desire and ability to create even more works we haven't envisioned yet. 

       A few helpful hints before you set out on your adventure towards your first venture as a true patron of the arts.

    Ask yourself this, what room do I really want to bring life to with some artwork?

    What size range am I willing to work with? Bigger isn't always better. 

    Lastly, what can I reasonably afford to put towards this purchase. 

    Remember, you are not simply paying for a pretty picture, this is something that is essentially a piece of the artist's soul, left for the world to enjoy and to carry on his story for the ages. 

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