• Law of Success #2 - Self Confidence

    I've talked about Napoleon Hill's "Laws of Success" before and I will preach about its lessons till my dying days.   The second chapter is about Self Confidence. I've struggled with this in the past and it rears its head from time to time, but it is a trait that must be practised, for those like myself, before it becomes a natural state of mind.

      Otherwise, without it, one will finds ways to hinder their own progress in any endeavour they choose in life. 

    Hill States  that....... Self-Confidence will help you master the six basic fears with which every person is (cursed): the fear of Poverty, the fear of Ill Health, the fear of Old Age, the fear of (Criticism), the fear of Loss of Love of Someone, and the fear of Death. It will teach you the difference between (egotism) and real self-confidence which is based upon definite, usable knowledge.

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