• Motivation

       It's funny how a little thing like motivation can hold such a prominent spot in our every day to day lives.  How lack of it can send us into despair and on the flipside, how super motivated people can drive us insane.  My view is each and every one of us needs a goal to strive for.  How one stays on the path, to said goal, is different for each of us. 

     What motivates me now is a deeper sense of responsibility.  I want to be the example for my son.  He's only an infant now and I struggle with whether or not the path I'm on is the right one and is it best for his well being.  The part I actually listen to is SCREAMING for me not to give up.  To have my son bear witness to the struggles and trials in any undertaking and if one wants it's bad enough, then one will find the way. Never give up. Keep pushing forward. 

       What motivates you? 

    My FAVORITE motivational video EVER. Click here..... MOTO

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