• Self Confidence

     I know it's Halloween but it dawned on me about the masks some of us wear to fit in with the real world.  Particularly the mask of insecurity.  How does one take off said mask and step into the light with confidence in one's self?    In Napoleon Hill's "the Laws of Success", self-confidence is the second chapter of the book.  It points out how fear and skepticism are hurdles to overcome and gain mastery of self-confidence. 

       I have held myself back in many ways. The times that I have ventured out of my comfort zone have truly ushered in a wave of confidence.  Many times looking back and realizing how much sooner I should have taken said step forward in my career. No one is perfect and overcoming one's own flaws can truly lead to a life of real fulfillment. 

    "Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that ensures all the others."



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