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  • CovidWorld

    I'm sitting here awaiting the final say on yet again a second lockdown for this blight that has been 2020 the Coronavirus. Only god knows where this is truly headed and how mankind will be changed for decades once this subsides and the next threat to humanity takes over.  Lovers of history can debate that there is always some devastating threat to mankind and this is just another turning point in our saga.  As much as I fear the worst I can only hope for the best of us to shine through for the future of our children.  

    Here is an eye opening article on the subject of



    This is the latest addition to my library, Madness of Crowds by Douglas Murray.  It has been a breath of fresh air to read his viewpoints on what has seemed to be the mass hysteria that has run rampant in the name of "social justice". Subjects like Gay, Race and Gender, have been touched upon and I'm excited to read how he tackles these issues from his perspective. Even though many of these issues have begun with all good intentions, the inability for discussion about these topics have left many wondering how we got to this point. The chaos in this country is a direct result of these beliefs running wild without contention
  • Dumb as a fox...

    Unlock your potential. Never stop learning.  Someone said, "Don't let your education get in the way of your learning."  I'm thinking Mark Twain   Even as I type up this blog entry I'm overlooking my notes for a painting class I'm currently involved with. A friend of mine was amazed that I would even need a class. I may have gotten this far with just passion and an unwillingness to give up, but one has to realize his limitations and be proactive in one's hunt for the life they wish to create for themselves. I love Art and I want my own version of it to be the best it can be.
  • GOOD

    I heard this today and it gave me chills!  New art is at a snail's pace at the moment. Thankfully it's for the right reasons.  Mainly the birth of my son and I've been fortunate with a few commissioned works that are stretching my limits creatively. But this truly set fuel to the fire that is always raging within myself to keeps moving forward in any capacity. Enjoy...

  • Strong Legs for Health and Aging

     Alright, I'm a little off subject but this post is important to me.  As I each year creeps ever so steadily for all us I've been paying attention to all the upcoming research on health and development.  In particular the idea that strong legs, as one gets older, plays a huge role in the quality of life in our elderly years.  I'll make this simple. Strong legs mean as we get older, even with muscle degradation, that we tend to be a little more active and spend less time sitting down due to muscle ache and fatigue.  That translates to a longer life because I'm a firm believer that once you stop moving then you might as well plan your funeral.


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