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  • What is one of your favorite paintings?

    Pollice Verso by Jean-Leon Gerome 

       This particular piece embraces a true moment in time. As a lover of history and especially the roman period, one could understand my delight.  The roar of the crowd as they decide the fate of the fallen gladiator. What is truly masterful is the shading of this piece. If you've ever studied the Colosseum than you would understand the shades that they utilized to block out the direct sunlight. Here you can still see the sliver of light that pierces the sides of the shades and falls on the crowd.  Notice the bright lit crowd in the background. Amazing and another inspiration for my artistic development. 

  • End of Summer Sale

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  • Back to Nature

    Back to work after a few days of camping out at Miles Standish State Forest.  I look forward to it every year. Just getting back in touch with nature and totally unplugging from the outside world for a few days. Every time we go, I try and venture off into the wilderness to find a secluded spot and just meditate in silence.  I take the time to reflect on everything going on in my life, to find my zen and prepare my mind for the upcoming trials of adulthood.   Everyone should find time and take a moment of reflection and gratitude with their own lives.  Best therapy money can't buy!
  • Gratitude

    Today is just a simple post about taking a second and being grateful for what one has in this world.  The strive for more is human nature but we can't let it blind us in the present as to what is truly important. 

    None of us are perfect all we can do is try.

  • Latest Find in the world of Sculpture

    I'm always on the hunt for something new in the artworld. Hey, it's the one thing that keeps my constant attention. Check out this link and see how this particular artist plays with newspaper.
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