• The need for the D...... Vitamin D that is.

        Why is the conversation about health and simple steps towards healthy living not discussed when it comes to COVID. It seems like this dialogue is immediately shut down and the push for vaccinations continues.  Has the world become so misguided that all we want are pills and treatments regardless of their efficacy and side effects.

       Nutrition and exercise have proven effects on the overall health and well-being of an individual.  To quote Hippocrates; "Let Food be they Medicine"  Mankind has know this for years. Medicine does have it's place, but when greed enters the equation we all know where that leads.

       Thus the topic at hand, Vitamin D.  Not just a mere byproduct of sunshine but some scientists believe that this act more like a regulating hormone in the human body versus a simple vitamin.  Dr. Rhoda Patrick discusses this on the Joe Rogan Experience.  

      Sunshine will always be the best way to keep your Vitamin D levels at necessary levels but let's be honest. Not all of us get to work and live outdoors as much as the recommended levels would necessitate. So just take a supplement and try to get outside while your still breathing and the sun is still shining.

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