• What happens when the wrong ideas gain momentum

    The power of words have shaped and molded our society since it's inception. I'm afraid of what that power can do when it is manipulated and abused by the widespread reach that the internet has provided us.   The age of information has become a blessing in many ways. Knowledge is reaching impoverished lands and you hopefully see the beginning of a new renaissance in places such as Africa can only be dreamed of at this moment.  I fear the spread of misinformation has begun to take root and if left unchecked these ideas will usher in an era of turmoil and chaos. Perhaps this is the path we need to take in order for the upcoming generations to learn from our mistakes and lead us to a brighter future. You would have hoped we would have learned by now.  So many of us forget history. So many of us never pick up  a book after our formal education.  When did the pursuit of knowledge become unsought.
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