• For the Joy of Video Games

    Video games. I've loved them ever since I could play on my mother's ATARI system. Yes I said my mother's ATARI system.  I get my work ethic from my father but my fun side is from my mother.  The early games where so simple, games like Pitfall and Galaga amazed everyone. I've seen the evolution of consoles from the first Playstation to the latest X-Box. 

       Video Game addiction, I've had that too, with an desktop online world, City of Heroes, but the same can be said for the millions playing games like Fortnite and Call of Duty.  I beat that one simply because I don't have the time anymore.  Video games during that era where an escape from the reality I was in at the moment. Once I landed a solid career and found my way back to art that I realized they had their place but only as a reward for putting in the work needed. 

       Today's video game time consists of a spare hour here or there where I can finish one level or achieve some task needed in the progression of the storyline. Games like Assassin's Creed, which is my favorite, and Red Dead Redemption are what fill the video game kid void that will never leave.  Once in awhile you just need to unwind and act like a kid again. This is just my way. 


    I've found a few interesting ted talks on the subject as well an article in Psychology Today. Let me hear your thoughts. 

    Ted Talks          Psychology Today 

  • A New Era has Begun

        The digital world is here but the merging of art and cryptocurrency in a major way is just now breaking barriers.  Totally digital works are being sold at major auction houses for digital currency. Technology and the advancement of the human race is about to take a huge leap forward.  This is just a small example of how it has begun to affect the art world and another step towards the take over of digital currency. 

        I will admit that hearing the phrase "do you have venmo" or "cashapp" puts a smile on my face. I can have the cash already in my account before the item is even in the patrons hands. Hit the link to see the full story and check out the artwork of this topic.

    Art and Crypto 

  • 10,000 Hours


     Some of you may be familiar with this statement, theory or rule that some have called it. It is basically the idea that if one was to dedicate over 10,000 hours of practice in any endeavor that would be the necessary minimum to achieve a level of expertise in the field of their choosing. Granted this number my vary dependent on the individual but for the most part its a solid rule.   One that I'm glad to say I am proudly approaching.  I started this journey as an artist at a young age but it wasn't until my 30th birthday that I made a conscious decision to make art my passion once again.  I turned 41 just a few weeks ago and looking back at where my work started to what I've achieved and experienced so far. I can testify that this particular rule has some merit.  

      To read more about this you would need to purchase the book, Outliers by Malcom Gladwell.  Here I've provided a link to a short summary I found online. 

    10,000 Hours

  • Controlling your Inner Demons


      I want this blog post to be a little glimpse into my mind.  Today will be about how I'm a huge Naruto fan.  It's funny how more and more people I talk to are also fans of this Japanese Anime series. People I would have never believed where fans are turning up in the funniest of places.  

      The Naruto series in a nutshell is about an orphaned boy who lives in this fantasy "ninja" world of so called magic and monsters. A series that has spanned over a decade and counting is too much to surmise in jus this quick post, but I'd like to tell my take on the series itself.

      Naruto, the main character, has trapped inside himself the 9 taliled fox demon. How it got there is irrelevant to the point I believe the series tries to convey.  So Naruto like most of has this demon that he must learn to control and eventually embrace as part of his overall being.  They become one.  

       For me this series is reflection of my own "inner demon" that some of us have within us.  We could called it "sins' or guilty pleasures anything that we know is detrimental to the overall well being of our body and psyche. I myself have dealt with addiction in a small aspect and have learned to control and embrace the person that came out the other side.  Some of us never learn to control that demon and you can imagine the horrors that can come with it running rampant. 

      None of us are perfect. The saying "Be the Change You seek in the World" has never been truer. The first real step has to be with the person in the mirror if real change to begin.  

    Conquer your Demon and become the shining light you where always meant to be.  

    Happy Holidays Everyone.

  • CovidWorld

    I'm sitting here awaiting the final say on yet again a second lockdown for this blight that has been 2020 the Coronavirus. Only god knows where this is truly headed and how mankind will be changed for decades once this subsides and the next threat to humanity takes over.  Lovers of history can debate that there is always some devastating threat to mankind and this is just another turning point in our saga.  As much as I fear the worst I can only hope for the best of us to shine through for the future of our children.  

    Here is an eye opening article on the subject of


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