Artist Statement

Artist: Vinnie Pavao


   My artwork is the place where my life experiences, world travel, culture, and dreams come together in an expression I can share with viewers.

    My vision of the world reveals itself in my art. I can’t restrict myself to one style or one vision. My work is influenced by the subtle differences between cultures, diverse expressions of beauty, people I have met, and new ways of looking at the world. Figurative, abstract, surrealistic and landscape paintings bring together fragments of many experiences.

    Paintings are what ushered me back into creativity.  Being self-taught allows me to endlessly try new mediums of expression as I simply let my brushes and mind from each piece.

   My passion culminates in my mixed-media, wood, and metal sculpture. Elegant forms create a physical presence that my viewers can experience emotionally and philosophically, linking them in spirit to my vision as an artist. Their abstracted nature allows viewers to bring their own interpretations to the work.

    Many of the objects that compromise each sculpture are simple items that have crossed my path in some way.  As I do, I would ask the viewer to imagine the origins and past of the intricate pieces that make up a specific piece.  Utilizing a keen eye a viewer can disassemble part of the sculpture and realize that it could be a common item or something singularly unique.

   Creating art is my escape from the world, and my way to share the experience of emotion, enlightenment, beauty, culture, life and love.


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